Person in Charge (PIC) Training

Monongalia County Health Department | taught by Terri Berton, REHS/RS; Jennifer Costolo-Michael, RS
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Terri Berton, REHS/RS;     Jennifer Costolo-Michael, RS
Terri Berton, REHS/RS; Jennifer Costolo-Michael, RS
Food Safety Specialists

About the Instructor

For the last 24 years, Terri has developed and provided Food Safety education for the Monongalia County Health Department.

Jennifer has 8 years experience as a Food Safety Inspector and 2 years experience as Quality Assurance Lab Director for United Dairy.

This course is designed to cover the Areas of Knowledge and Duties of the Person in Charge (PIC) as required by the 2005 Food Code adopted by West Virginia. The Food Code requires that a PIC is present in every facility during all operational hours. The Monongalia County Health Department's Board of Health requires all PICs to completed this training or our two day in person Manager's Training.

This course consists of 20 lessons and a multiple choice assessment. You must complete each lesson, including any activities, in the order presented before proceeding to the next section. Activities are included within the lessons to review important concepts which may appear on your assessment.

This course fee is $50. Once you purchase the course, you will have 30 days in which to complete the course. You must score 80% on your timed assessment to earn your PIC certificate. The PIC certificate and Food Worker card will be mailed to the address you provide. You are responsible for printing out all forms, handouts and guides for use during the course. Before proceeding with any lesson, print out all resources to have them readily available when needed.

Course Contents

20 Videos
1 Quiz
24 PDFs
4.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Areas of knowledge Lesson 3
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 4
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 5
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 10
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 12
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 13
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 14
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 15
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 16
Areas of Knowledge Lesson 17